Dirty cops with badges

March 21,2013                         Corruption with badge’s 

A veteran officer of the General Assembly Special Police has been arrested on sexual offense charges involving children dating back to 2002.


Daniel Shawn Evans, 42, was arrested at the Legislative Office Building on Friday morning by a Wake County sheriff’s investigator. Evans was charged with nine counts, including attempted first_degree rape and statutory rape.

Evans, of 5908 Applewood Lane in Raleigh, resigned from the General Assembly Special Police effective Monday, Chief Jeff Weaver said. Evans had been on the force since 1998, Weaver said.

“We’re just disappointed in his personal behavior,” he said.

In an unusual move, Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens set Evans’ bail the day before the arrest, at $1 million. The Wake County District Attorney’s Office requested the bail in advance.

In the arrest warrants, Wake County sheriff’s Investigator S.H. Doremus laid out a series of charges.

Altogether, Evans is charged with one count of attempted first_degree rape; two counts of statutory rape/sex offense with a person who is 13 to 15 years old; three counts of first_degree sex offense with a child; and three counts of indecent liberties with a child.

The earliest incident took place sometime in 2002, while the most recent took place no later than July 1, 2008, according to the warrants.

The warrants list two victims, referring to them only by their initials.

The General Assembly Special Police was created in 1975. Its officers have the same authority as any city police officer inside Raleigh’s Interstate 440 Beltline or anywhere else in the state if they are protecting lawmakers, doing advance work for a lawmaker’s visit or investigating a threat against a General Assembly member.

PT – This sick pervert probably has several more victims that we will never know about.

FORT WORTH, TX — A former Grapevine police officer pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to one count of production and one count of possession of child pornography, authorities said.


Philip Woolery, 46, faces between 15 and 40 years in federal prison, a $500,000 fine and a lifetime of supervised release. Sentencing is set for Sept. 17 in U.S. District Judge Terry R. Means’ court.

A single father of a child, Woolery was a 17_year veteran of the Grapevine Police Department at the time of his arrest. He was fired on Nov. 11, according to Grapevine police, which had no further comment.

Child Protective Services took custody of Woolery’s child shortly after his arrest with the hopes of placing the child with relatives.

Woolery has been in custody since being arrested by investigators with the Postal Inspection Service in October 2012 at his home in Crowley.

Woolery admitted that he had used his digital camera to record a minor male engaging in sexually explicit conduct in a swimming pool, according to a news released issued by United States Attorney Sarah R. Saldana with the Northern District of Texas.

Woolery also admitted that he possessed a laptop computer that contained a sexually explicit image of a nude minor male and that he used that computer to search for child porn websites.

The investigation began in October 2010 when inspectors received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that a company was offering child pornography videos for sale over the Internet. The company’s records, which included a customer database of orders, were seized. Woolery’s home address and e_mail were connected to a Jan.1, 2010, purchase order.
PT – Give this POS the max sentence. Hopefully he is dead before he can be released.



A retired Mesa cop is accused of molesting two kids, as well as sharing child porn with a man who was recently arrested in a Homeland Security investigation.

Search warrants served in the case provided police with several allegedly smoking guns, like the picture of Millsaps ejaculating into Hello Kitty underwear — underwear that was recovered from the home of the victims, who are 4 and 7 years old, according to court documents obtained byNew Times.

According to those documents, Homeland Security agents informed Mesa detectives about a recent child_porn arrest, in which their suspect was e_mailing MIllsaps, who turned 66 a little more than a week ago.

A search warrant was served at Millsaps’ Mesa home, and police say images that are “easily classified” as child porn were immediately found on Millsaps’ cellphone.

Police also found nude pictures of Millsaps on the phone, as well as the computer, including the aforementioned child’s Hello Kitty underwear.

According to court documents, a distinct mole on Millsaps’ hand is captured in that image.

Millsaps, who’s lived with his wife for the last 40 years, has “consistent access” to the 4_ and 7_year_old children, who were identified in the investigation, and interviewed by detectives.

The 4_year_old girl said Millsaps had taken naked pictures of her, according to the documents. The 7_year_old girl also described acts of molestation, per the documents.

It appears that Millsaps had been describing his alleged molesting of the children to the man whom he shared his child porn with.

“These acts are consistent with acts described in the emails between an email address which returns with an I.P. address at the defendant’s home and the email address used by the suspect already arrested in another state,” a probable_cause statement says.

It’s not said whether the children allegedly molested by Millsaps are believed to be depicted in the child_porn images.

Millsaps was booked into jail on charges of child molestation and sexual exploitation of a minor.


A former Harris County sheriff’s deputy suspected of using his badge to steal drugs from couriers was sentenced Monday to almost four years in federal prison on extortion charges.

Richard Bryan Nutt Jr., 46, pleaded guilty in 2011 and admitted he wore his uniform and gun while helping four Houston men steal what they believed was four pounds of cocaine. The “drug rip” turned out to be an undercover sting set up by Houston police and FBI agents.

Nutt, who has been free on bail since he pleaded guilty, faced 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. He was sentenced to 46 months because he was the first to plead guilty and take responsibility for his actions, his lawyer said.

“He was very open and honest,” said Mark Thering. “He apologized to the court. He apologized to his fellow officers and his family for disappointing them.”

Nutt and four other men were arrested Dec. 15, 2010, after Nutt followed an SUV driven by an HPD officer posing as a Mexican drug courier.
When the undercover officer left the SUV and walked into a sporting goods store, a man riding with Nutt went to the SUV and took a package containing a 2_kilogram load of fake cocaine.

The men were arrested as they left with the contraband.

Thering said Nutt was told the courier would be carrying $500,000 in drug proceeds – not drugs. The officer’s cut was supposed to be $100,000.

Thering said Nutt was recruited by a man he met while working security at a local nightclub. He said the former officer did not know any of the men he was arrested with.

After Nutt pleaded guilty, Alan Bernstein, spokesman for Sheriff Adrian Garcia, said Nutt was dismissed from his job working in the jail soon after charges were filed against him.

“Sheriff Garcia and his almost 4,000 employees have worked hard to restore public trust in the Harris County Sheriff’s Office,” Bernstein said. “In the thankfully rare cases where that effort involves holding current and former employees responsible for breaking the law, the justice system at multiple levels is once more demonstrating that it works.”



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