Another warning for social sites! You best heed now! March 18,2013

The only things I fear is not a government closing down, is a government never closing down!

I have been following a lot of photos as well of my own family. I have found a lot of government (state) agents following certain people with children s photos and maintaining records on these sites. The reason as to why is unknown at this time, but I can assure you it is not for good. I suggest that all families no matter how proud you are of your kids to remove them or no longer allow access by everyone. Wish to send photos get your familys e-mail address and send directly to family members. The following agents I have discovered doing this has been internet sexual internet policing units across the country. As well as C.P.S. and D.H.S. plus state homeland security. and many police organizations involved on cellular and internet crime units.

Once you do get arrested, the government will automatically take any guns you have and take any kids you have away from you, and you may never get them back. If they take your guns, you can forget about ever seeing them again even if the court orders the Gestapo to return them. The Gestapo will tell you they were lost or sent to be destroyed accidentally. They do that a lot and then you’ll have to file suit against them to get a cash judgement that will be hard if not impossible to win. And if you do get a judgement against them it will be far less than your gun was worth. Then you go and try and buy another one…LOL, your back ground check will come back negative and you will not be allowed to buy a gun. If they take your kids and you lose them, they will be brainwashed in a government housing program, and most likely abused and taught to be a good little follower of the Orwellian way.

So Wake Up People! You are being set up every time you post any photos of your family or friends and especially your kids. For your poor kids sake, leave them out of the public eye for their protection from a tyrannical government way, way, way out of control and out to destroy your freedom! Only use the social medias to denounce the tyranny of this un-constitutional abomination that has infested our once free Nation called America.



One thought on “Another warning for social sites! You best heed now! March 18,2013

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