How to be attacked by a virus—Warning!

Sunday, March 17, 2013 Virus hunter here: Warning everyone.

I am a collector of only virus’s that I come into contact with from programs that I have bought and paid for. Yes, your able to get your computer infected with paid programs that you buy. I have known this for years then when I was blacklisted by Goggle, face book and many others for either saying things that were in some ways liable or even threatened like by as well as for not doing as they requested or I would be disconnected from their service. What you say cox threatened you as well. Yes, because I was allowing people to attack me and certain e-mail accounts that I carried under cox. In short they were using my e-mail account to send out thousands and thousands of messages by disrupting the cox communications security system. I had to change passwords over three times on close to ten e-mail accounts as well as passwords. In short I was threatened with not only having the account closed and would just go to a different server as they well know, but also continue to track those wanting to attack not just me, but others by means that I am going to describe below. I have been collecting this information for many years and only a few I also bought which I also no longer use, but just a warning for all of you to use caution.
Plus the fact now when I download anything free or fun like games or movies or new stuff that seems like it may be useful as well as fun. Yes, I even found passwords that will locate anyones password. In fact these free password breakers are really great as they contain hundreds of little fun worms in the programs that can affect everything in your computer. All mI can say is yes I was hacked once by someone that learned to leave a message in my message bar saying “hi John how you doing today.” I left it there for sometime to make the user feel powerful. Of course I am sure by now, or upon reading this that it is no longer there. Whoever or whatever you think you are, best do better than that in order to get my attention. After all I have had CNN and NBC and many departments of legal beagles attacking me when computers first started to go public. In fact had the Yuba City Police chief years back asking me to stay out of their system. Doing such things today is not legal so of course with the new laws I stop doing it as of course always left my name and address and phone number to let them know they could be opened like a jar of peanut butter.
But, now I have learned that people now gain your email accounts in order to send messages to others under your name to set you up for many thing. Which can be things like child or nasty sick murder photos or just to send thousands of free coupons to buy this for and get one free under your name. After all the coupons are real but not who sent them. Now, to prevent that you need to be aware of ad wares that gain things from you for something free like being able to send a smiley with your e-mail account or get a free complete game of your choice as well as movies and other things just to sign up for an account. Face book is the funniest that I have seen as they will warn you and still people sign up. Friends warn friends not to add me or I will block you. They can block them but not the other friends that may have been caught by the free stuff crap. But still fun to watch all these so called friends blame other friends or family for sending that crap to me. But, blame is so much easier to blame on those that you know instead of the person that is really doing it and not even knowing who they are. Hopefully these programs will give you an idea of what to remove from your computer. If leave them there then expect nor just a slower computer but more junk that you and your friends and family don’t want. I still check and now after finding I destroy them so I don’t have to listen to nasty e-mail, phone calls and threatening letters of being sued by these dumb ass people. I now let myself be attacked one person at a time. For all you great hackers out there. Enjoy, as your able to see at the bottom of this list I also note how many mother programs you have in the program giving away free. Enjoy and you have all been warned again for the next really big attack to come! 479-372-5147 or California 530-763-2922 John








Now the above are from Incredible mail which I did pay for. Many are from Google as well as face book as you will note as to free what you get is a virus following you every where. How do you think I know where your at? Note how many bugs are in each program you download or use. Once this gets into the internet system I am sure to hear a lot from many more sheep!


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