Don’t think the Internet is free?

I have followed Aaron Swartz for years now, a young as well as a very smart kid. Really a man of truth and freedom more than people today will ever understand.

As many of you have followed as well as searched my blogs and news feeds over the years you have seen in real life the things that the government will do to take you down. When I say the government I am not talking just as Federal, but also state, county and city. After all many thousands of you views a dishonest badge wearer first hand make threats upon an citizen just not wishing to speak to a bad official. Many have seen reports on all the subjects with their photos pasted on here the internet with home address as well as phone numbers and the crimes as well as what they are doing after being found guilty by a court of their own peers in their own social society called a court of law. You have seen threat’s posted by those that plan on suing me, beating me, killing me and making me move even. But, either I am really fighting for my human rights or I am crazy. I have seen wars and more death over my life than hopefully any of you will ever see. I fight not just for myself in all the wrongs other feel they are right or know that they are wrong and just follow orders of the leaders because they are paid to shut people like me up one way or another. Even a news reporter asked when I was going to move and this came from the sheriff’s department as no one knew of anything of me being threated to move or they will find ways to take my property from me. Once I told this reporter to report back to the scum that told her to ask me this question then another bad dirty low life scum bag shot my dog with a warning that I may be next and to see how easy that was.

The trouble is all you people don’t see all this at once as I print it out here over the years. I make a long action story short of things that have and still take place daily so your able to see how the sources of so called power do things over time to break you down. Aaron Swartz a friend even in his death before his time was done by these so called people in power. You see in a short story as described in a short story but you have no idea what this young man had to face daily with corrupt badge wearers with so called power. As I said Aaron was young and most young men can not handle the stress with working to build a life fighting things that should have been freedom to say and do to help others with what you see on the internet like blogging and even Facebook.  I put my story in here only because many of you see news every so often of a so called crime or some other story that is made as well as invented by the powers to be. When the powers to be send out such a story, I am right there with a reply as well as the truth. But, as we all know papers sell best with bad and not good news. Like so called dog attack that was not the truth, but a lie invented as the dog was shot in his own dog house as well as chained up. But, the truth as all of you know is not what badge wearers want to show. After all there allowed by societies own laws to lie at anytime in order to catch the so called criminals. But, dear citizen as your looked upon don’t lie yourself as then they will jail you. Even murders by a government badge power user is less than a few months. A citizen gets life to no less than years!

I still do as government states here crimes on the internet with not asking those first permission to write my side of the story. That one is still going thru the courts of public as well as government so called courts of justice.

If I see news that the USA will not report then I will bring it out if it is sent to me as well I always research if the story is fact as well as true first. I even bring in my own family on things that I find not right. At my age, why would I care.

Aaron Swartz died only from fear of doing what was right but told it was wrong and had way to many different powers attacking all at once. The powers to be never attacked him weeks later, they went after everything he did daily with new charges daily as well as attacks not just by e-mail and phone calls but newspapers he was a target as they sold papers and made his life to the point of thinking I do good , I create and I am attacked for doing good. But accused of doing bad by your own leaders in this society!


In a filing on Monday, the Department of Justice dropped the charges against Aaron Swartz, the Internet activist who committed suicide on Friday. As first reported by The Hill, dropping charges against a deceased defendant is standard practice. In a statement on Saturday, Swartz’s family blamed prosecutorial zealotry, in part, for Swartz’s death.

Pretty straightforward here: Facebook will now offer free voice calling for users of its Messenger app on the iPhone, as was first reported by The Verge and confirmed to AllThingsD by a Facebook spokesman. Data rates still apply over 3G and 4G, mind you, but Wi-Fi calling is free in the truest sense. The move comes after a string of updates for Messenger, including voice memo capabilities and the ability to use Messenger without having a Facebook account.


Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) plans to introduce a bill to Congress that would severely curtail the “broad scope of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act,” the congresswoman announced Tuesday evening. The CFAA enabled the U.S. government to levy steep fines and a potential lengthy prison sentence against Internet activist Aaron Swartz for his alleged computer crimes, a course of action which some have claimed contributed to Swartz’s recent suicide. Swartz’s death sparked a widespread outrage among the Web community, causing many to call for reform of the Justice Department’s computer-hacking laws.

The family and friends of Aaron Swartz — the famed Internet hacktivist who took his own life on Friday at the age of 26 — released a public statement on Saturday, placing some of the blame for Swartz’s suicide on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as the U.S. Attorney’s office.

“Aaron’s death is not simply a personal tragedy. It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach,” the statement read. “Decisions made by officials in the U.S. Attorney’s office and at MIT contributed to his death.”

Swartz, long regarded as one of the major proponents of a free and open Internet to further the spread of information, was indicted in July of 2011 on federal charges of illegally accessing documents on JSTOR, the online digital library that hosts academic journal articles, books and primary sources. His alleged crime involved downloading nearly 5 million articles off the service from MIT’s on-campus network.

He faced upwards of 30 years in prison, along with $1 million in fines.

After Swartz turned over his hard drives, JSTOR decided not to pursue any legal action against him.

“The case is one that we ourselves had regretted being drawn into from the outset, since JSTOR’s mission is to foster widespread access to the world’s body of scholarly knowledge,” JSTOR wrote on Saturday in a statement to the public hosted on its Web site. “At the same time, as one of the largest archives of scholarly literature in the world, we must be careful stewards of the information entrusted to us by the owners and creators of that content. To that end, Aaron returned the data he had in his possession and JSTOR settled any civil claims we might have had against him in June 2011.”

But U.S. Attorneys Carmen Ortiz and Steve Heymann, backed by Federal government, continued to pursue the prosecution of Swartz, with the tacit support of MIT behind them.

Said Ortiz in 2011: “Stealing is stealing, whether you use a computer command or a crowbar, and whether you take documents, data or dollars.”

Earlier on Saturday, acclaimed academic and friend to Swartz, Lawrence Lessig, suggested that Ortiz’s steadfast pursuit of Swartz was outlandish and unnecessary, and part — though not the direct cause — of what brought Swartz to the grim solution he chose.

“From the beginning, the government worked as hard as it could to characterize what Aaron did in the most extreme and absurd way,” Lessig wrote on his personal blog. “… [A]anyone who says that there is money to be made in a stash of ACADEMIC ARTICLES is either an idiot or a liar. It was clear what this was not, yet our government continued to push as if it had caught the 9/11 terrorists red-handed.”

Neither the U.S. Attorney’s office in Massachusetts nor MIT immediately responded to emailed requests for comment.

Aaron Swartz in 2008, with former Red Hat CEO Bob Young in the background (CreativeCommons)

Hopefully you see now from what I have been saying for many tears. Don’t allow your family as well as friends with you8nger people to be treated as criminals and fight!


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